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Happy Birthday!, (fill in the name of your favorite children’s book author)

As a challenge to myself I’m painting tributes to children’s book illustrators and authors. I’m hoping this will help my build a portfolio, as well as, always give me something to paint and practice, practice, practice. So far, I’ve painted two; one in March and one in April. Bettye MacDonald’s Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: (Ink, and watercolor on Arches cold press). Bettye’s birthday was on March 26th.


watercolor, pen and ink


and Ludwig Bemelmans’ character, Madeline: ( for this painting I used a Staedtler pencil and watercolor washes on Arches hot press, I really like the effect. ). Ludwig’s birthday is today, April 27th.



I didn’t meet Mrs. Piggle Wiggle until I was a Mom myself, but I do remember reading the Madeline books as a young girl.

Harper Lee’s birthday is on April 28th. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books! Not sure if I’ll have time to paint Boo Radley, or maybe I’ll paint a huge ham! 🙂

Next month in March: J.M. Barrie’s birthday is on May 9th, maybe Peter Pan? And, of course, L. Frank Baum’s birthday is May 15th, so maybe Dorothy?

Do you have a favorite children’s book author, character or series?

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