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Smart Dummies

I think this title may need some explanation….”Smart Dummies”.  After dipping my pinky toenail in the vast and rushing waters of children’s illustration, I soon realized that this industry is not one in which you simply put up a website and all will come running or clicking a link to your site! As an aspiring children’s book illustrator/author (not sure about the”author” part yet, but this may prompt me to become one), I know I need a lot of guidance and mentoring. Thankfully, there are many illustrators/publishers/agents that are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

While searching the web, I found a group to join who will all be participating in a competition, or a “challenge”.  I’m not one for competition, but I thought I might learn some things about how to create a picture book dummy. A book dummy is the mock-up of the picture book that you hope will someday be published. It is what you might send to a publisher/agent or put on your website to show how you would illustrate a book. I think the goal is to finish a dummy in one month! Yikes! It sounds overwhelming since I’ve never done one before and well, the “challenge” for me will be to focus and work through procrastination, interruptions and doubt.


Sounds like a fun month! (snicker)

3 thoughts on “Smart Dummies

  1. How’d it go? I “finished ” a dummy last year ( my first) but I didn’t this year–too many unexpected things happened last month.

    1. It took me a few weeks into the month to decide how the page turns would happen. So, I was scrambling the rest of the month to draw the illustrations. But, I finished!! I felt a sense of accomplishment! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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